"Thou shalt not bullshit thyself!", what an awesome guide to the path. And thanks so much for sharing the distortions here - I can imagine many suffer similar. Comfort eating and entertainment distraction - I've had to deal with those too, and at times, still do. So thanks for illuminating the inquiry Thumbs Up Sign

Awareness, awareness, awareness. It's always the key to busting a distortion. Not to judge oneself, to let them express, but inquire deeply into them at the same time.

When these two distortions (over-eating and distraction) have plagued me, yes, it's mostly because so much energy has been flowing, not knowing where to channel it. For me it usually happens after a course. You'd be surprised perhaps that the way I 'come down', in the past, has been eating and action movies!

So what is it that is being sought?

For me, over-eating is the need for some sort of completion by the soul. So in a workshop, I'm completing through the energetic engagements I'm helping others with. And afterwards I need to meet that level of intensity with an appropriate entertainment. But what if you don't immediately have balanced and aligned connections on this plane?

The key is to go higher. What do I mean? For me the movies create a connection, a dream-like state, that actually mirrors the higher dimensional connection - a language that's engaging you. So when you feel you need distraction, can you look for the higher connection through synchronistic interplay? So "free-wheeling" for example and picking up on the signs and synchronicity - digesting those instead.

When this becomes more of your daily dialogue, then you start to see how lower dimensional distraction and completion diminish the higher connection.

So see how the free-wheeling goes. And in meditation, look for the higher dimensional subtlety - let this integrate into your reality. I can imagine this would help. It has for me.

Much love

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