Hi Open,

Interesting what you mention about the black snake energy and stories/patterned loops. I often find that when some karma gets activated I can go into these mind loops. It's easy to get stuck in them - I've certainly been guilty of "if I can just make sense of it on a mind level, then I can fix the problem". 

However, recently with this new exploration of BS energy I'm finding that I can cut this off at a certain point.  The thing is though, I actually find it useful to a certain extent to really stir up the deep feelings from the bottom of the barrel. So I'm using it for a while, then consciously breaking the loop by bringing the focus to the body and base chakra and working on it at an energetic level. 

I've noticed the energy will try to hook me back into the mind loops again. Sometimes it succeeds but I try to keep cutting it off as I become aware of it. 

Sometimes I can't help but feel like I'm playing with fire doing this. What would be your perspective?

Much love