That sounds like a great approach Rich - along the lines I've experienced.

Playing with fire (by going into it) - I think that's exactly why we're here! I think that's what the Kung Fu video above is trying to depict - we have to get into it. At times it will take you over. But then as long as you keep reminding yourself to come back into alignment then you can align the energy too. It's kind of like getting a train to change direction - you can't just stand directly in the way of it - you have to blend with it and progressively change it inch by inch.

As you're experiencing, I think being connected in the base is essential - but it will also hide there. So I've experimented with shifting centre into different chakras - so moving more into the heart for example - to bust mind loops.

Great that we're illuminating it - it's exchanges with people like you Rich, especially in the early months of this year, that have really brought this to light.

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