Hi Open and everyone,

This resonates. I see and experience what you speak of. 

Here’s one to watch out for: 

Lately I discovered a new ‘old’ behaviour that suddenly re-emerged. Over the past few years I have dropped many addictive patterns like comfort eating, and (like you Megha) excessive consumption of Netflix distraction etc. I took some pride in having the ability to kick these habits. But then it sneaked up on me, quickly and quietly. It took me a few weeks to realise it, but I found I had developed an addiction to the Openhand community itself, reading, writing, being a part of something that mattered to me, as opposed to all the mindless chatter going on in my life around me. For a week or so, I couldn’t put my phone away. Had to consume everything on here, new and old, as soon as I had a free moment. I’m almost ashamed to admit it but it completely owned me, to the point that I felt I might have to quit Openhand altogether.

Behind this addiction, I also became aware of another classic trap I have fallen into. While being busy uncovering and dropping 3D identities, I didn’t notice another identity creeping up and forming behind the curtains. The spiritual identity, of course. Same shit, different layer. And I almost have to laugh at myself and gently and lovingly say “You fool, did you really think this one wouldn’t apply to you?” 

So with this confession I call the BS energy and say  

Bring it on! This fool is ready for another round.

Addicted or not, I love you guys! ❤️

Anastasia (Getting back up again)