For people who're fairly new to Openhand and also reasonably new to the path, I felt to say you'd be forgiven for wondering what on earth is all this "Black Snake" energy about? Perhaps you don't feel anything at all!

It's essential to say, you only really see such energy/entity intervention happening when you get really intimate with your own field of consciousness. The majority of people (even spiritually awake ones) are still tending to live very conditioned lifestyles, which are interrelated with society and the system. So if you're living a good deal in this mind/emotional/physical programs, then you won't see where this metaphysical energy we're speaking of is hiding. Essentially where the soul and bodymind are not in harmony, then this creates dissonance in your field, which is experienced as tightness - a sense of distraction on the plane of mind, a sense of fear or attachment on the emotional plane, discomfort in the physical when in stillness (for example). In society what generally happens is that there are distractions to placate - override - this pain. That's what the entertainment/mobile phone/social media industries are all about. So it's not until you start to confront this conditioning - this tightness - that at some point, you realise there are energies in the field which are purposefully trying to condition and addict you to these limiting lifestyles. Essentially in the dissonance between soul and your bodymind, energy is released and it's this that any entity is seeking to assimilate. And satanic, or "Black Snake" energy has wound these conditioning limitations into the very fabric of society. But you can't see or feel it until you begin to divest yourself of it.

I felt to explore some simplified ways of ejecting this energy from your field. First I would begin with the importance of stillness and solitude. So to take regular time out (at least once a day and ideally 3 times minimum). Then just to scan through your field and relax right down. If the mind is still busy in the beginning, just allow the thoughts to pass through - you could visualise them as clouds moving across the sky. Still the emotions - perhaps visualising waves on a lake or ocean gradually coming to stillness. If there's pain in the body, be aware not to shuffle and fidget, but rather to soften into the pain and not be goverened by it - become as-one with it, by not judging it or needing it to go away.

So if you suspect that you have such conditioning energies in your field, stillness is an essential technique for ejecting that energy. In creative manifestation I call this the "Top Gun" technique (yes a bit of humorous metaphor!). Essentially because if you're in a creative flow and you suspect you have interferring energy in your field, you simply "jam on the air breaks", meaning you consciously stop in mid flow and completely soften in stillness. The entity/energy then has to leave (fly on by) because it can't cling onto dissonance in your field.

However, it's not the only essential action to undertake - because (especially Black Snake energy) could then simply wait until you're active again and reappear in the psyche. So you also need to develop intimate techniques for ejecting distorting energies when you're in some creative flow aswell. I'll deal with effective approaches to this in follow up posts.

In loving support

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This is the latest version of the Openhand meditation to help you release implants and their attached entities. It's a ground breaking approach involving multidimensional inquiry to locate embedded implants, recognise their anchoring points and then remove them. It involves harnessing and amplifying the toroidal field to then extract entities. Finally it enlists the support of the angelic realm to compassionately relocate what is released. It is designed to leave you feeling clear, enlightened and at peace...
Removing Entities and Implants Meditation