Hi Anastasia - yes one or two people have said they've gotten addicted to the Openhand site from time to time!

The point about an addiction though, is simply not to drop it like the proverbial hot coals. Because there will be a truth in the connection - I know you feel a resonance at a soul level (with Openhand). So simply dropping the addiction becomes an intention in itself and thus becomes self-defeating. Because mind-led intention simply creates identity, which then stifles the free flow of soul. It's just another condition that is imposed on your being, albeit a 'good' or 'spiritual' one. We must bust these conditionings too.

The key is to confront the addiction by being in the activity that generates it. But then to bring full awareness to it. You start to see where you're crossing internal boundaries where you go unconscious on a certain level - perhaps the mind for example.

To give you an example, I love to drink coffee and just hang out observing life. But I have come to intimately know where my own boundary is - if I drink too much, then either there develops an addiciton/neediness for the stimulative up side, which means it becomes more difficult to sit in stillness. Or else it creates a dissonance in the brain and a pumping in the heart, which then can attract in external energies because it's hard to be fully conscious in other areas of the body. Or else the chemicals stimulate excessive internal activity and its hard to be attentive to all of them - thus you go unconscious in those locations, which is where external entities/energies can enter.

The key with any addiction is to access the truth of why you're engaged in that activity - what does it stimulate at a soul level? But then to work into the behaviourisms with keen attentiveness. At some point - where the addiction kicks in - there will be a blind spot, where you go unconscious. It could be because you judge yourself for example - as with many sexual taboos. Maybe (as with the internet) you get fixated at a mind level with visual imagery? It's essential to become fully conscious in these blind spots - by actually engaging in the addictive activity, not denying them, but then being clear to break the cycle by bringing full awareness into the blind spot. Because there you catch yourself before going into the downside. You realise you can enjoy the pleasure, but don't need to OD on it - because you realise that doesn't serve.

So now I carefully manage my coffee pleasure - I drink coffee just two or three times a week, and I'm careful to regulate the number of shots. Plus I'll drink it more in the morning so it wears off through the day and I'll drink plenty of water afterwards too, so as to release the caffeine.

It means I really enjoy my coffee break, rather than adopting some mind level discipline of getting rid of it all together.

So maybe not completely drop Openhand!

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