Hi Open,

I’m totally with you on that one. As you can see I’m still here, so I realised that checking out completely wasn’t the way to go, but I am working hard to find the right balance.

You’re absolutely right that there is a strong resonance with Openhand on a soul level and the truth of it is that I just love the way I’m allowed and encouraged to express here. It’s so wonderful to just be able to BE just the way you are and SPEAK just the way I always felt was natural to me, with openness and vulnerability. I’m so grateful for that. Also the Openhand addiction experience guided me towards a karmic memory that involves addiction. But that’s another story.

 Your coffee example is very synchronistic for me, since it’s BS energy we’re talking about. The first time I became aware of the black snake entity was actually after I overdosed on black coffee one morning. I started to feel really split up and an anxiety built up in my stomach. I laid down to try and calm myself and that’s when I saw the black entity looking at me from inside my belly. I couldn’t really identify it at the time but shortly after, your article on the black snake was posted and I started to put 2+2 together. After that, coffee in particular has been a way for me to practice balance and boundaries as well.

In my experience, one way of working with the BS energy is bringing increasing awareness to the very thin, almost invisible lines, where aligned action or expression suddenly ‘twists’ into a distortion. Like having that extra little sliver of cake when you’re actually perfectly satisfied. Or you offer someone an honest opinion and reflection, but if they don’t accept it you might suddenly start trying to convince them or even argue. That which was meant as an open offering to begin with, suddenly becomes controlling and tight, attached to an outcome. That’s where I see it slipping in. Right before the shift. Right there in the ‘invisible’ space in between, where one thing turns into another. If you’re not alert or conscious of it, you easily get sidetracked, pulled in, even hijacked. It’s ever so hard to detect. 

I have a question. It seems many are experiencing this on the intellectual plane. ‘Mind games’ is coming up a lot for people. For me as well. The thing is that I only started experiencing these mind games after a particular breakthrough. Previously on my journey and in my processing, I really wasn’t bothered by my mind that much. So it almost feels like a step back, but I know it’s not. Is it that this breakthrough opened up access to a deeper layer where this energy was hiding? And now that I can see it, I also experience more of its effects?

Grateful for your insights as always. Thank you for bringing light to this ‘blackness’. 💡☀️💫

with love,