Hi Alex, and all reading

Yes, indeed it's not just sitting in stillness where we need to liberate soul. It's got to be in creative flow too.

Soul is looking to be free flowing within creative expression. For me, meditation helps attune deeper aspects of the soul, but really its in the flow where it is fully expressed.

The challenge is to then get 'owned' within the creative flow. So you fix intention on doing something and ego takes over. It's also where Black Snake energy likes to hide and control the show - it hides in the inner shadows of your creative intent - in the fizzy energy. So we need to be very vigilant within our creative endeavours...

As you're moving forwards through life, if you're coming from fixed programs and behaviourisms that fit within society and you do all the time, then it's like as you move, you create eddy currents in the flow ("baffles" to use a submarine terminology - see below). But these eddy currents sink into your subconscious as white noise - you don't notice, feel or hear them, because they're a constant part of your reality. Yet they do cause suffering over time - tension, stress, frustration and worry, which lead to common diseases like cancer and heart problems to name just a couple.

Crucially, Opposing Consciousness hides in these eddy currents which you can't see - because you're releasing energy from which they're assimilating. In fact they created the very system that way, and Homo Sapiens within it, so as to manifest energy - as Morpheus in the Matrix says... "to create a battery".

To break this down, is about having ultimate flexibility in the movement. To give you some examples...

1. You need to get some food from the shops. So you decide to head out to your usual place and you buy the usual things. How much of this is programming? Because the soul tends to express uniquely each time.
2. You have particular regular appointments such as college or work, and you always travel the same way, at the same times, and prepare in the same way.
3. You've agreed to a particular engagement with friends or family, way off in the distance (even a week ahead), and now you feel completely obliged to attend, so you don't really question that you're going to do it.
4. You go down to the local organic store because it's 'conscious', but are you consciously choosing it, or is that just a pattern? Maybe you're supposed to go to the unhealthy supermarket so as to connect with someone?
5. You go to a particular restaurant because it's plant based. And maybe that's okay a lot of the time, but what about that particular time where you're supposed to go somewhere else for a learning experience?

These regular activities do not compute with free flowing soul.

All of this builds rigidty, identity and ego. It contradicts/constricts the flow and it's exactly where Black Snake energy likes to hide - because you tend to release energy when you're going against the natural flow of the soul, which is totally free and spontaneous in the moment.

So in these creative endeavours, it's absolutely essential to stay conscious in them, and to work to be as flexible as possible. Most importantly, you can work to open out through them by applying something like these following techniques that I call "The Crazy Ivan" and "The Googly" (in conjunction with the "Top Gun" above)...

For example, if I'm going to the shops, or a petrol station or into town, it'll begin with an idea or an impulse that's what's meant to happen, and in some ways needs to happen for this lower reality. So I'll set off in that direction. But I will definitely work NOT to fix on the objective or outcome. Instead I'm constantly testing inner feelings against signs and synchronicity in the outer (the flow of traffic for example, car number plates, billboards, colours, symbols and also just the general sense of underlying patterns - and how my awareness spikes around them) - because everything reflects if we're being attentive. If everything is clicking in towards a particular objective, and there's a feeling of righness to it, then I'll continue - but, I always allow for the objective to change.

In opening out to this level of freedom, I'll apply something called "The Crazy Ivan" and "The Googly" (which I share mainly on the Facilitator Program). The Crazy Ivan is where you're heading toward a particular objective, but then pause suddenly in mid flow, and look at alternative possibilities and objectives around you - you could go to a different supermarket or petrol station (for example), so you test the feelings of that and watch for supportive synchronicity. You might even consider going to a different part of town. So you make a circle through creative possibility. This is likely to be most inconvenient, especially if you're in a hurry. No matter, that's exactly where you need to apply it, because it tests all your inner attachments, frustrations, doubts, worries and fears. These you must get into, and it's often where an entity will hide and can be ejected.

It may be then that you return to the direction you were originally headed in (The Crazy Ivan). Or else you're going that way, but 'swerve' right at the last moment and go somewhere else that was nearby the original objective. This I call "The Googly" after the cricket term where the bowler causes the ball to swerve right at the last moment, thus catching the batsman out.

I find them brilliant at catching Opposing Consciousness out, because they just can't handle that level of freedom and spontaneity - it drives them crazy!

This may sound like a bit of harmless fun (and in some ways it is), but however, in the bigger picture, it's how the soul creates. It doesn't tend to create in a straight line with a fixed singular objective. Higher dimensional creativity is more like swirling clouds that steadily take form and suddenly crystallise (hence the Crazy Ivan). Plus you're never 100% sure of the (authentic) creation until it lands (hence The Googly).

Here are some important techniques for watching your authentic and aligned creative flow. You might ask... "how does this fit with society where I have to make appoitnments and meet objectives?" The answer is the ray 4 diplomat aspect of the soul - so it is also looking to blend with a reality, for transformational/educational purpose. You just have to be clear with yourself that you're making an appointment because you're given to engage for a higher purpose/reason or a blending/bridging one, but to keep testing that, right up to the moment it lands. The ray 4 is all about compromise, but without compromising the soul!

Finally, here's where I got the term "Crazy Ivan" and "the googly". Remember, they're metaphoric - feel through the words...

And here's the "googly"...