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Dear Open,

In many ways ,I have weaned myself off a lot of rigid thinking. Deep surrender after witnessing my father's death after a protracted bout with brain cancer has left me in no doubt that ,like him ,I could be singing a song the one day and then hurtling through discomfiting ,distressing pain the next. I am therefore much more comfortable with 'hearing the wind ' and living life a moment at a time than before.I have given up trying to make grand plans ,but confess that often seems at divergence with doing all the creative activities I feel called to do ( Just like you Alexandros) 

All the examples that you have given before apply to me and I can clearly 'see'how I am feeding a given conditioned identity . And in fact the above examples are such beautiful opportunities to Break that up . 

I am going to start today ! Thank you !

PS . So I guess my question is, really ,how do I balance the impulse to write a novel or build a girls community with the ability to ' let go' . I tend to contract down into linear thinking habitually when I want to birth something whether it is a paper or a conference or a write up.

Grateful for all reflections !