Hi Megha - you ask a great question. And it's applicable to all who wish to create something from an expanded, free-flowing space of the soul...

So I guess my question is, really ,how do I balance the impulse to write a novel or build a girls community with the ability to ' let go' . I tend to contract down into linear thinking habitually when I want to birth something whether it is a paper or a conference or a write up.

They key is in your own words (it always it!) - the problem is "linear thinking". Which is a product of lower mind. Of course lower mind is essential to bring creation into being in this density. However creative action doesn't have to begin there - it can begin much higher up.

This is where we need to start to trust in destiny. In terms of beingness and that this will succeed. Most have shoved their souls into a box, where things tend to work within a system of logic. And when you start to step beyond that, the mind will fight for a while. For example, when I wrote the three Openhand books, I found that getting up at 4am before everything begins of the day was incredibly productive and helpful. I didn't try to constrain what I wrote - I'd just open up and let it flow. Even if some didn't make sense in the 3D, I'd just simply write. And then later in the day I would go back and edit - a more 3D skill.

It's really about beginning to trust in the knowing of higher mind and that this can still succeed here in this world - because it can, and the infusion of higher consciousness into this plane is growing day by day.

I'd say also it begins with a lot of practice of little things - taking as much time out as possible to free-wheel, to connect, to feel deeper. I remember when I built the original Openhand website for example, I was writing and editing content probably around 18 hours a day. Yet literally every 10-15 minutes or so, I would go and lie out on the lawn, feel the earth and look up to the sky, to feel the expansion again.

We can do it. There just requires to be an all-in commitment.

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