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Hi Open,

Thank you for reposting the "Removing Implants & Entities Meditation"!  as it was exactly what I needed at this moment.  A few weeks ago I became aware of an experience from a past life that explains much of the Karma and lessons to be learned in this life.  Feeling a little overwhelmed, instead of turning in to process what I've learned, I let the BS energy take hold and immersed myself in a Netflix Breaking Bad marathon!!  I've still spent plenty of time in mindfulness and meditation, but I haven't taken the time to understand the lessons and patterns that are repeating in this life.

When I returned home from the NY retreat, I downloaded 4 of the Open meditations, but distinctly remember skipping over this one!  I don't need it, I don't have any entities, my energy healer I work with would've taken care of them if I had any.  I realize now it was the BS energy working in plain sight within my field to prevent me from removing the implants & entities!  The first time I listened to the mediation I did as you suggested and let it play through, I immediately had a stirring in my sacrum and my solar plexus.  I realize it will take more time and effort to remove them and I plan on doing the mediation in a more open ended basis over the next few days/weeks in order to give the time necessary to work through removing the implants & entities.

Thank you again Open, for not only providing just what I need, but making it available to me just when I need it!

Much Appreciated!