Woohoo - Rich, I take my cap off to you. Self-publishing a book is indeed a mammoth task, so firstly a huge bear hug for a tremendous accomplishment. The Sun EmojiThumbs Up SignOK Hand Sign

You are so right when you say...

There is so much talk of passion and commitment that you’ll be forgiven for judging yourself when you don’t have it. But, the truth is trying to force these feelings only leads to the opposite feeling and thus to procrastination. Trust me I know.

Halleluyah! There's such a huge body in the mainstream out there that wants to tell you how to impose passion and commitment... to graft and grind your way 'to the top'! But the point is, it doesn't last this way, or else makes you very unhappy in the end.

They say passion lies at the intersection of 3 or more interests - explore what you love doing, what fires your interests and your passion in life will be in amongst those - it'll give you purpose and direction.

For me Rich, having written three books, I can say each was quite like climbing Everest! Like you, I didn't have a clue about it, so I just took a step and kept stepping forwards. And probably like you, I had no clue how long it would take. But I knew I wanted to do it, because most importantly of all, it fired my passion simply to write about experience.

To Self Publish?

When I set out, my first approach was to get a publisher, and the Book 5GATEWAYS made it to final review with HayHouse. But 'alas', their conclusion was that it was "too specialist". I say 'alas', because it turned out the best thing that could have happened. Going through a publisher is not all its cracked up to be - the promise of big upfront payments and mass circulation. It's a veritable minefield first to get your book in front of a publisher, then if it is accepted, it can take up to two years to get into circulation, plus there can be rigidity in the content - you have to clearly spell out the content before writing (which to me, goes against the natural flow).

With self-publishing, it's your creative process that is flowing.
No one is controlling it nor trying to shoe-horn it into a box.

The real challenge with self-publishing comes with promotion. Although you're not guaranteed a big promotional budget even if you are publsihed through a publisher. With self-publishing, if you don't have a well known profile, you can't expect that loads of people will rush to buy your book! You have to find creative ways of getting it in front of people, giving talks for example, radio interviews, or writing your own blog where you're embodying and expressing what you speak about in the book - so you're providing support freely to others, but then referring back to the book where deeper exploration can happen. You might contemplate structuring a course around the material of the book. You have to see it as a slow burn investment of time and commitment - of passion.

When I wrote the Three Openhand Books, I actually didn't really care that much how many would read them. It was all about getting the expression out there. It's about the actualisation of you. And I would suggest to anyone whose interested in writing, absolutely go for it, 100% all in, but completely let go of the need for an outcome other than to express. 

Richard, this is a fine accomplishment, from one brother to another, I know what you've been through, and how it grows you in the process.

Much admiration and appreciation

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