Oh how wonderful.  This article by Richard and Open is exactly what I need.  I have been writing a book for over 2 years now and it's in bits and pieces on my desktop. Time out for a hit from the autoimmune disorder that lasted for months, more time out to learn how to walk again, talk,  play the organ/piano again, learn how to write again, clear out the cloud of brain fog....only recently have these things gained recovery and restitution.  Meanwhile, through it all the Spirit Cinsciousness kept on revealing, more and more.   The book is focusing on the manifestations of Ascension ...the prophetic, the energies, the dimensions, the general process, the events in December 2012, the disapplontments, the collapse of the 3rd dimensional matrix on earth,  the process of karma, and what we who have entered the higher fields are discovering.  Huge!! Basically, who, what, where, when and how...a history of evolution of the soul.  And if you will excuse what might be misconstrued as arrogance, feels like a beginning of a 3rd Testement.

Where I am now is looking at successful writers and how they begin each book, each chapter so as to draw the reader into it from the start.  I joined a book club for that very reason...what compelled them to read through a work?  Whst drew them into the story and kept their engagement?  

Your essays and the responses are going to be so helpful.  Many many thanks and praises.  And Richard,  I will be ordering your book today!

Please, may i send you both pieces of mine as it manifests ? I know I want feedback but the first effort sort of feels like my kindergartener bringing home a drawing he made at school....he trusts my love and enthusiasm.  At this point, what I don't need is someone who is "brutally honest''.  Often they can be more brutal than honest. No worries with the two of you, and maybe a few others.