Hi Sandrs,

No worries at all that you've already been 2 years in the writing. The first Openhand book, Breakthrough, that started was the last to finish, several years after the beginning! And for the very reason you mention here...

Where I am now is looking at successful writers and how they begin each book, each chapter so as to draw the reader into it from the start.

Bang on. A lot of consideration needs to go into this. Breakthrough began as a very simple journal of events that my predecessor Chris wrote. Through the ether he asked me to complete it. My task was to work to bring people into the events and circumstances as if they were in them themselves. And I think that's the key - to write from the situations. So I had the memories buried within - it was necessary to activate those and write from the energy of the moment itself. Writing in present tense helped. And when you get into action situations, to write short punchy sentences to convey increase in tempo. Rather than having a long description or build up for each chapter, it was straight into an event...

Suddenly I found myself in the stroke seat of a fast racing eight. It’s early morning on the river Isis, the sun is rising gloriously over the meadows; dew is still clinging precariously to bending grass, and the river is lightly shrouded in cloaking mist. I’m leading the crew, all eight perfectly in time, as one with each other, the blades echoing a crisp ‘chunk’ in the quiet hush, as they slice into the water and a ‘whoosh’ as they leave, the crew floating deftly forwards across the finely balanced shell, readying for the next stroke. One of the great benefits of leading the crew, is that you get to see past the cox, to the glass-like water and the ripples gently bubbling from the stern, as, like a deep morning breath, the boat rises and falls with each majestic stroke. At Oxford, I had discovered a renewed passion for rowing, a sport I’d been deeply seduced by in my earlier years.

Go for it Sandrs - put yourself in the situation and write from there!

Much love