Hey folks,

I just got onto this thread and have been greatly encouraged to step out by you all.

I have been writing poems for the last few years after much encouragement from my Ma. I never thought they were much good but I have had alot of pos feedback and the idea of publishing a book of poems for survivors of sexual abuse to encourage them, so they dont feel so alone in their journey, has been niggling at me. Things keep popping up re publishing but the idea was so overwhelming I have shelved it, till now. After reading your experiences I think I am being nudged and I may just give it a crack, gulp! Its the journey thats important afterall, right? I have put a couple of poems on this site (which is a safe place) just to be brave and not hide. The feedback hasnt been important but the stepping out has been, as it's helped release something inside me.

So thankyou for being YOU and so willing to share your journeys freely.

What a fab bunch of peeps you are! I'm so grateful.

Lots of love and big hugs to you all. xo