Dear Rich,

I recently finished your book and have been feeling the pull for several days to reach out and let you know how your creation landed with one of your fans out here in the ether.  I haven’t had the chance yet to experiment with the practical exercises, but I gotta tell you – I found them to be very well explained and structured.  And that eyes closed exercise is something I’ve been doing my own version of for a while now - it never disappoints!

A bit ironically, I identified Smiling With Sweat Emoji with a lot of your journey.  Several of our fear manifestations line right up, especially musical performance and public speaking.  And I totally resonate with your sharing of Open’s tale of waiting for a thread to drop at the beginning of a presentation, and nothing whatsoever coming through! That’s one of my favorite stories of his.

Your sense of humor was also sprinkled around perfectly, and it always seemed to hit when I wasn’t expecting it.  My favorite:

“Perhaps, your heart is telling you to do the bloody housework!” Tears

The Scientist in me loved the identity equation:

“Identity = (Past Conditioning + Future Desires) X Intensity of Emotion Involved.”  That same Scientist also gave a good bit of grudging admiration to your comment on intuition:

“It can often be completely against logic, but logic is so often born of fear anyway.” 

The most entertaining parts for me to read were the stories your shared that breathed real life context into the philosophy and practical applications.  These alone were worth the price of admission.

But the absolute best part for me, and the one constant I felt throughout every combination of words: was YOU. That same essence of authentic frequency you aptly described many times in your book…  It was unmistakable and honest and grounded and humble and strong.   

And so I want to leave you with a feedback loop of your words that inspired me the most. 😊 As these things luckily tend to go, I read your book at the exact right time. It was special because I could feel you unveiling your own unique expression of Ray 1 within your creation, and it totally mirrored my own Ray 1 as it was initiating significant change in my life. 


“I’m not attached to any outcome.  I know that my essence doesn’t change whether 10 people read it or 10 million. I’m writing it because there’s an upwelling of creative expression which wants to manifest itself.”

“All that is required is a leap of faith.  Once the process is in motion it will build its own momentum. Know that whatever happens you will come out of it with an outer situation that reflects your inner world.”   

This one lit me up so much!  I just left an 18 year career in the business world a few days ago. Talk about synchronicity – as I was reading your words, my wife and daughter spontaneously began singing “Free Fallin’” by Tom Petty at the top of their lungs the next room over.

“And if that mountain just seems overwhelming and unclimbable, remember this: You only need to know the next step!”


With gratitude,