Anytime and you’re very welcome. 

Sure I’ll share how it’s going for me - right now feels very... “purgatorial.” I gave notice on Friday and my company has asked me to stay on for the next two to three weeks to help out during the transition, and I’m willing to do so to help smooth the transition with my coworkers. A formal announcement has not yet been made regarding my departure and I’ve been asked to keep mum about it over the short term,  so that’s added another layer to the sense of purgatory as well.  

There are conflicting feelings - on one hand a massive sense of excitement and trust and relief that I’m finally going to get to live my Real life, and on the other hand there is a sad feeling of abandonment, of “leaving people behind,” as well as the natural uncertainty that goes with the unknown. 

But I can feel in the three conversations I’ve had so far that my authenticity is really catalyzing the field in a way I didn’t expect. I was really anticipating judgment and maybe even some resentment - instead people have opened up and shared their own vulnerability with me, showing support and even admiration.

There is a sense of oddness to my experience now too - it feels even more like a waking dream.  There has been so much energetic processing over the past several weeks - months now that I think about it - that by the time I actually left, it almost felt like an afterthought. Like it wasn’t really a decision - in order to continue down the Path step by step in front of me, I HAD to keep releasing ballast. It also feels like I haven’t properly celebrated yet.

And the guidance and synchronicity was very strong that it was time to leave, and while that didn’t make it much easier, it helped simplify it into a choice: to align now, or not.  It now REALLY feels like these events are being specifically orchestrated in order to give me and those around me the exact experiences necessary for deeper and deeper processing.

More than I thought I was going to write; thank you again for the stimulus Rich!