Hi Paul,

Thanks for sharing your story!

One of the things that stood out for me the most in what you wrote was a sense of experiencing both grief at letting go of the old and excitement for what's to come. I know exactly what you mean and have experienced this quite intensely, especially over the last year or so. I would say if ever someone was looking for a sign that they're moving forward on the spiritual path, it would be this feeling! It's a sure sign of activating soul and alignment with the flow.

I found your observation about leaving your job currently feeling like purgatory very interesting symbology. This seems to be the case quite often with conscious transitions - there seems to be a kind of winding down phase that can seem very weird and even unbalancing when you already feel like a big part of you has moved on. But, of course you are not the only one involved in this process and it seems like the smoothest way to transition, to enable as many people to process it in a conscious way as possible, is to put on the brakes slightly. 

I would also say that these observations you've made can also be seen in the transition that Gaia will be making and those who are processing this consciously will be experiencing very similar things no doubt. It's a great mirror! Thank you