Hi Rich - it's a fascinating exploration of the various levels of death - an awesome contemplation, and for each who does it, there will come with it a greater level of freedom in life.

I love the "0" level of death - where you're continually dieing to what you were. I think it would be beneficial for us (you) to elaborate on this a bit more with people so that it can be really accessible. For me, I don't feel identity any more, so I don't feel it dieing. But I do feel the continual death of what I've created and if there is any investment, yes it'll pull on things internally. But the more you practice it (deep letting go in the moment), the more skilled you become and the more the flow flows. I especially loved this...

level 0 requires us to face all of our pain and darkness head on. It requires a baptism of fire.

Spot on! Indeed it does. The more you turn right in to face your pain, the more the baptism unfolds you...


“In order to rise from its own ashes, a Phoenix first must burn.”

Octavia Butler

Sounds like a fascinating Book Rich. Well worth anyone reading.
Rich's Book... Awakening through Change

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