Hi Open and everyone,

I've been asked to elaborate on the 'level 0' in the spectrum of dying above. I believe this level can be touched at times when we are pure presence. In order to experience this level consistently we need to let go of our identities (ego). 

Identity creates a kind of eddy current in the flow. When no identity is there then we can flow effortlessly with the universal torus. However, if we are identified with something then we are basically making the statement of 'I don't want reality to be how it is in this moment, I want it to be how it was before'. It's like throwing an energetic tantrum! Tongue Out Emoji

There is no method to experience this 'level 0' other than to let go of what's in the way - in other words for everything that isn't your essential self to die. When we experience this then the complementary energies of death and birth will be our constant companions.

Of course for a more detailed explanation of how to let go of the obstacles, embrace your essential self and live from that place, you'll have to read the whole book!! Tongue Out Emoji

Much love