Thank you, Open! 

Your kind words mean a lot to me 🙏🏻

What I’m experiencing right now is a real sense of time not being linear, but more spiralling from the outside and in, with themes reinventing themselves through ‘new’ circumstances. I’m seeing my whole life from a ‘quantum’ perspective. I’d go as far as to say that everything I have done/experienced up until now has been a preparation/rehearsal for this moment in time. And I’m kind of in awe of how wisely (and bravely) my soul chose the challenges it chose.

Even with one of my toughest experiences, I can now see, that not only did I draw it to me, I literally jumped at the opportunity when it arose. It’s quite a head spin when you suddenly ‘see’ these things in a totally different light.


Your picture is absolutely stunning! I’d like to have that hanging on my wall 😊