Thank you for your responses to my visual expression with a photo that I made in Florence on Sunday with my phone. As I was walking towards this tree in a park the image somehow just came to me and all I really had to do is get my phone out and snap it. After reading Open’s invitation to share our creative expression that morning, as I took the picture I knew it was to be shared in that thread.

Then as I read Open’s question in response to the picture ‘What do you see Marije?’, I could feel a sense of panic arising when any sense of an answer remained blank and immediately my mind frantically started looking for an interpretation of the picture. For me the expression of the image is beyond words, I get a feeling when I look at the picture, perhaps of something aesthetically appealing, but this feeling somehow doesn’t translate into any words. The question about what I see somehow triggered something about needing to come up with an answer and then a kind of panic when nothing really lands, which is where my mind then jumps in to come to my rescue. But to what extent have I already been influenced by the interpretations that others have shared? An easy way out would be to just take one of their interpretations and pretend that this is also what I see, but that is quite hard for someone who finds it hard to be dishonest…. Of course my answer to the question could just be ‘nothing’ or ‘I don’t know’, but somehow there is a sense of ‘looking/feeling stupid’ associated with that, which is probably what the panic taps into …..

Somehow it reminds me of how during secondary school they managed to spoil my joy of reading novels, because after the joy of reading a novel I suddenly had to answer questions about the book like what the symbolism of the butterfly at the beginning and the end of the book was, and I would equally go blank on an answer. And then my mind would have to construct some kind of plausible interpretation about the symbolism, in order to satisfy the teacher with an answer.

Also there is something similar to what happens for me with synchronicities. They somehow just land from out of nowhere, they are more like a feeling and sometimes a knowing what they are about, but as soon as my mind comes in and tries to understand what they are about or alternatively starts intentionally focusing on noticing/seeing synchronicities, most of the time nothing lands. Gradually I am learning to trust the feelings of the synchronicities without exactly understanding what they are about most of the time (which my mind usually finds utterly frustrating!). For example, on my way back from Florence an article header in the magazine of the person next to me in the plane caught my attention: ‘liberty and disintegration’ . I could immediately feel the synchronicity of it inside of me, but like with the photo that I posted, if you were to ask me ‘what I see’ in that synchronicity, there is only a feeling, no interpretation that translates into words…..

P.S. Gary, I love your visual expression! Feels beautiful without having any interpretation for it :).