Nothing better for me than when the creative flow comes out into lyrics. The Solstice and Full moon were amazing for this over the weekend. A very sacred experience for me.  I was reading Melville on Friday night, thinking of how he & Moby Dick were largely overlook in his lifetime. The line "I leave a white and turbid wake, pale waters, paler cheeks" stuck me as very poetic/lyrical. So I wrote the lyrics to this song, opening with the first part of that line, in honor of Melville (& the great Quest.) Chorus is blank as that  usually comes out collaboratively... Namaste.


I leave a white and turbid wake

Cast my fate upon the stars

Not sure why I’ve given chase

Or just what the dangers are


Might be a white whale or a ghost

Might roam the forest or the sea

Might raise a dagger or a toast

To the deepest part of me


It’s the night that leads me on

As it cloaks the mystery

Is it the moon now or the dawn

That’s the greater friend to me


[Chorus Goes Here]


It’s been months now since I sailed

But it feels like years to me

Guess time crawls when you’re jailed

(Or) when you’re not who you want to be


Is that a shadow in the night

Yeah, perhaps the time is here

I could tell if I had more light

I could see without the tears


I leave a white and turbid wake

Heading for a vast unknown

It’s a call I can’t forsake

I can feel it in my bones