Hi everyone! 

I wanted to share this writing that came to me today:


Hats off to everyone in 2020 who has come out the other side with renewed perspective. Those who didn't let ego get in the way of seeking out truth. Your humbleness inspires me!

Hats off to all who looked their challenges in the eye and said "you are my friend, because you make me better understand myself". Your courage inspires me!

Hats off to everyone who found new alignment in their lives, not despite of, but BECAUSE of their challenges. Your determination inspires me!

Hats off to the heart people, who despite being surrounded by fear, judgment and dogma decided that the most important thing right now is to show each other compassion and embrace community. You understand Bill and Ted's immortal words, "be excellent to each other". Your love inspires me!

Hats off to the warriors who stood their ground and reminded us that repression is NOT okay. You put aside your fear and stood up for what is right. Your strength inspires me!

Hats off to the go-getters who adjusted and adopted, showing us that it's possible to survive and thrive in any situation. Your resourcefulness inspires me!

Most of all hats off to YOU, dear reader. You make the world a richer, more colourful place. You bring something to this world that nobody else in existence can - your own unique and beautiful being. So, keep it up! You are valuable beyond words!

Lots of love you all