Hi Vimal - a great exploration - how to read signs and synchronicity - such an important subject for embodying 5D consciousness here and now. Apart from that, how much fun and adventure it can be - but also challenge! Thumbs Up Sign

On the upcoming 5GATEWAYS "Living the Shift" retreats we go into this in great depth - particularly 'where' are signs and synchrionicity leading?

It all depends on where you are in  your own internal creative cycle. Let me explain what I mean - the soul fragments into these lower densities through attachment and identification. As you work to unravel it, with each internal confrontation of attachment you'll basically go through three cycles: (1) you're in the density and working to unwind the blockage (2) you're retrieving that aspect of soul and integrating it, therefore beginning to unleash a new aspect of beingness (3) you're now expressing from the new integrated aspect of soul and manifesting a direction forwards through right action.

Now all of these different configurations of consciousness will create - they'll bend reality around them by the Law of Attraction. So depending on where you are in that creative cycle, will depend on what the signs are reflecting to you.

It sounds to me like you were going through the creative cycle well. And yes indeed, I've often observed too, that when you allow more freedom of movement and flexibility, "free wheeling", you'll see plenty more signs.

Remember always that it's not about the destination or outcome. Although there needs to be commitment to the steps presenting, or else you won't create the circumstances to reveal density and unleash the soul. So we need to read the signs, yes, and then embody what's being invited and come from the most aligned expression. Let Right Action flow from this place, BUT, always be aware on route that the direction could shift and change.

It frequently happens to me that the direction shapes and turns in mid flow. It always delivers an outcome, but it's not always possible (or even desirable) to predict what that is.

It sounds like you're having a tremendous inquiry, which I thoroughly encourage - it's bound to have deeply revealing possibilites.

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PS - and I felt to share this Openhand Video which shares the viewpoint...