Hi Open, 

Yes I observe more synchronicties on the move and it basically stops when I have settled somewhere. Unless if I'm talking about reflections. So in openhand view does the  reflections we see in other people and situations also countsa s synchronicity which appear in various cycles. For example the judgement we see on others eyes or the expectations others have of others shows that we are are on the first part of creative cycle. The second part could be the love we feel for a little girl or the confidence we see in others we encounter. Rohht action happens when we have surrendered enough in the creative cylce and takes a step from there. So that synchronicity reflects the rightness of that step. To me the creative cycle is all mixed up  it's hard to tell I'm on which, not that I have to. Another thing I'm  noticing is that synchronisty also speaks when I hold a question in my mind. But I find it hard to trust when I have some investment in the outcome. To give an example before leaving for the trip I kept asking myself that if itsnright to take my guitar with me since it reduces my mobility and before leaving the guitar capo went missing but I didn't listen and went to buy another one. Now I have a bit of regret that I dint listen and maybe it's inviting me to surrender into the perfectionism and avoiding mistakes. 

You have also written about oc duplicating signs and  synchronicties. Sometimes when I have message coming it doesn't have that feeling of clicking into place, more just like my imagination. Could you expand on how to tell the difference between an authentic one and the duplicate.