Hi Vimal - the more sensitive we become, and the more aware, the more you'll see synchronicity in what happens around you, even when you're supposedly 'static'. Although my experience is that they're often easier to see when you're actually moving. I believe it's the do with the frequent change of landscape and the soul's flow within it.

With regards to the 3 cycles, it sounds like you're mixing different cycles. When I'm referring to a particular cycle, what I mean is that if you're watching, you'll see patterns relating to the same kind of issue - for example a particular distortion. But there may also be other patterns relating to another aspect of beingness. So the 3 cycles refer to one particular pattern - if you're in a particular distortion, work with that to unwind it, then look for the emergence of aligned beingness from that distortion. Then it will influence Right Action.

Remember though I have only offered a template here. It is not some strict strategy to apply. More a framework in which to discover more about the language of synchronicity and how it works for you.

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