Open thanks for the video, which resonates on many fronts! It was also nice to see some of the footage that I shot at the Cologne event featuring, it somehow brought the capturing of those moments back to me! 

Recently, I have been feeling to post here, but somehow I couldn’t get myself to really write something. And then today the title ‘lost and found’ popped up and a pull to post something under this title, without necessarily knowing what the title is exactly referring to. The term somehow seems to represent how I have been feeling lately, lost and found. Feeling quite lost at the moment, yet at the same time feeling like I have found some lost parts of myself. Searching for more inspiration or words to write in relation to this title, Google synchronistically pointed me to two songs on Youtube with the same title that are both so pertinent in their own ways with regards to where I am at, that I will leave you with them for now!

If we cut all the ties with who we were, 

All we ever had together is gonna stay’