I believe you're still misunderstanding Kristian.
It's applicable in ALL circumstances.

So for example, if you feel intolerant with your child, then when there's the next free moment, take yourself off somewhere private, then regress right into the intolerance -what do you want to express? What do you feel deep inside when you do? What are you actually needing from your child? What can you not accept about how they are being? It's these questions which are why you manifested the challenge. So get deep into them. Let go of the need for some kind of outcome from your child - specifically, unwind your own tightness. And then next time it comes up, you'll start to find you can access a different way of being instead of the intolerance.

Did I say it was easy? No. Did I say it could be done at the click of a finger - pop that magic pill? No. It takes time, persistance and commitment. But then afterall, there is nothing going on but our self realisation!

Wishing you well in that

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