Hi Kristian,

I think it would be very worthwhile exploring this further - because there are clearly some misunderstandings. Have you read the Breakthrough Book?

You ask...

could a way to express really be mauling a punching bag, as the perceived "enemy" that my mind conjures of my child in the moments where my "soul" gets stuck? This seems as a way too awful for me

Is that what you've seen from the approach? Because that's very far from what I'm suggesting. One of the most important things is NOT to envisage what you'd like to do to someone else, or play that out some way. That simply becomes a projection. It is to OWN the reaction as yours. That YOU are the reason for it - no one else. And that it is YOUR pain. You can express this WITHOUT projecting - just as an expression of your own pain.

Another way resembles more the Vipassana approach (although my concern about this is that it's generally too restrictive). That is to sit with the pain and contain it. Locate where the pain is - maybe solar plexus? Visualise/feel the knot, see what it looks like, what colour is it? what sound would you like to make in response to this? Also to move with it. Perhaps the Openhand Bow. Remember we did these kinds of things on the courses you attended.

So you own the reaction as yours. Then seek to explore deep into it. Animate it in some way so as you can 'see' it better. Then explore how best it wants to express - but without projecting at others.

I trust this clarifies a bit more.

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