Hi Open,

Thank you for the inspiring video!  It triggered a deep emotional reaction within me.  The day prior to watching your video, one of my favorite movies popped up in my Netflix feed “Silver Linings Playbook”.  When I saw the clip from the movie in your video I knew I couldn’t ignore the synchronicity and I needed to explore further.  I proceeded to watch the movie for the third or fourth time and every flirtatious or romantic scene in the movie between Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence fired off a deep emotional reaction to the point at the end of the movie I’m balling like a baby!   

Ive been divorced for 5 years, but it was an emotionally abusive marriage and it’s taken me until now to be at the point where I’ve healed and I’m ready to open up my heart again and let someone in.  The pain I was expressing didn’t have to do with my ex, it was more the sense of loss and the emptiness I’ve felt inside.    The Openhand Bow meditation was also featured in your video and I felt drawn after watching the movie to meditate using the bow.  The feelings and pain I was able to express and become one with were incredibly powerful and I felt this sense of relief and at oneness when I was finished.  

This release was the culmination of my facilitation work with Jen a week prior where she was able to help me destroy and release the remnants of the wall I had built up around my heart   I’ve been closed down and withdrawn for so long.  I’ve made the commitment to myself to open up and allow myself to connect with others.  The openhand work is truly transformational and I’m so looking forward to working with you again in Seattle!!

Much Love to everyone sharing this magical journey!