Hey Open!

You're right, time to step out of my comfort zone Wink Emoji. Thank you for the encouragement! 

So for a while I've been in the process of unwinding a relationship that I feel is outdated. For now we are going to separate physically (I'll be moving out soon), but recently found ourselves being in a better place. Although part of me realises this is probably because the moving apart frees up energy and enables me to reclaim pieces of myself, the feelings are quite confusing. Another part of me was hoping things were changing and also made me realise again I want him to be a certain way. The more positive feelings between us quickly led me to turn a blind eye again to the reasons why I felt the realtionship was outdated in the first place. Yesterday that illusion was shattered though by some pretty obvious synchronicities, which left me really sad, angry and scared initially, mostly of losing a very comfortable safety net. But then also filled with energy as the path becomes even more clear. I was just writing a message to Rich about this and everytime I typed 'relationship' I mistyped it as 'relationshop', which the 'Urban Dictionary' translates as: "Relationshop; When two people have a relationship just to maintain a business or when one of them fakes having feelings for the other just for the sake of saving their business." Gotta love those synchronicities haha!