Hi Hannah - it's not at all easy ending a relationship, I do know that one Wink Emoji

One of the things that happens when you decide to pull apart, and make that decision internally, is that stronger boundaries form and it becomes easy to forget any of the negative reasons you pulled apart in the first place. It's easy to overlook those and slip back toward relationship again. So the Universe has its way of slapping you in the face!

You might need a few reminders, but if it's right to part, there comes a point where you have to be clear in yourself what the nature of the relationship is. I would say at the mind and emotional levels, there requires a degree of determination not to slip back into the old patterns - it might feel a degree like programming yourself, but really you're simply making an internal statement and commitment to what the Soul is reflecting through the Universe at other energetic levels.

I'd say take your time, but keep clarifying internally. And steadily the correct boundaries will establish themselves.

Wishing you well with that

Open Heart