As I've freqeuntly intimated, you're going to see daily new developments in the unfolding control drama - such as m@nd8tory v@cc1nes. That's it's means by which is pulls people in and keeps them invested in the old 3D narrative. To some degree, have a sense of what's going on, yes, BUT - with a huge proviso...

To utlimately realise the new 5D paradigm, you have to actualise it around yourself as a landscape NOW. How to do this? It's about looking at the external 3D, feeling your contraction to this sheer madness that's unfolding in the name of the pandemic, BUT, then soften right through this ridiculous "Truman Show" - that's all it is! And you can decide to step out at any given moment. The New 5D Paradigm is there, waiting for you to engage with it.

It becomes like passing through the eye of a needle: each time you feel an attachment, a contraction into the drama, feel into it, express the fear or anxiety but then let go. You've got to touch the very point of contraction within you: is it physical? is it emotional? Is it in the worries of the mind? Or is it some curious patterning of karma that fires off in your field?

These are the touch points to feel into, normalise with, become The One in, and then expand out. That's when you start to pick up the higher vibrations, which you now begin to amplify and accelerate by noticing the synchronistic feedback loops going on in the outer.

This is how you progressively build the sense of the new 5D landscape around you. You're starting to live it right now - so that your soul is attuning to it and growing within that new vessel. This is how you progressively shift to the new reality.

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