Interestingly I tried the Wim Hof method of breathing because I'd heard so much about it and it seemed to be very effective at helping people transcend physical challenge. Yes indeed, I too found that it helped bring a deepening of focus on the inner core, and for that it is excellent. And I'm sure there are major health benefits such as activating the immune system as Wim describes and demonstrates. However,  I experienced side effects that for the Openhand Approach weren't beneficial - specifically in terms of multidimensionality and the flow.

So the practice involves strongly intense breathing and a strong focus in the mind. For me the detrimental affect was that it turned down my sensitivity to the flow, because it turned down the volume on the more subtle vibrations. I found myself making mistakes in the flow that I wouldn't normally do.

What I've done instead now, is taken some of the excellent beneficial influences from the approach but incorporated them into the more expansive Openhand meditations. In the Breakthrough Breathing for example, to focus on the core a little more, which I took from Wim's method, but then following that, to open out with a typical Openhand multidimensional meditation which is much softer and more subtle.

I posted the new version of that today in the audio downloads section...