Dear Faye,

Lots of love first. The picture that you paint of where you live ( such a slice of paradise) ,I deeply empathize with your pain. Only when one feels deep love ,can one of course feel the ripped apart feeling that you are describing .

In my life I have come to recognize is that the quickest way to induce change in other people ( if they will ever be ready ) is to plant the seeds of a higher perspective whilst being deeply connected to them . The latter part tends to be my challenge as well. Judgement naturally comes in the way of that. ( How could they ,why can't they see what they are doing etc.) I have come to recognize though that unconsciousness that permeates pretty much everything on this planet is what I want to disown hence my judgement. 

It is not easy . I am in such a situation currently as well. And yet when I connect deeply with my own inability to see the humanity in another ( albeit unconscious) it is often because there is something deep within that needs connection. Softening into that mental wall I have built of me vs them or good vs bad tends to open a small shaft of light that shows the way. Often I find that when I have completely surrendered to all outcomes ( in your case the loss of your beautiful environment ) without loosing connection with all that you feel within ,and connection with those ' responsible ' without ,things change drastically . 

Just felt like sharing . I love what you say about how we each will have to do this on a planet sized scale ! Even in India right now we are feeling the effects of the polar vortex . 

Lots of love ,