Thanks both of you-Megha and Open for taking the time to reply. I will take your advice on board. Megha-your suggestion is probably going to be the hardest thing to do, but I will try my best! I've been completely taken by surprise by how much this has gotten to me. I walked down there today to find suspicious bits of wire and beer cans next to the Badger sets... I get a really bad feeling about that. I just feel so powerless! It's stopping me sleeping properly, and the stress is making me feel ill. Im starting to think I wont be able to stay here and watch it happen if this is a sign of the way things are going. But Im also thinking I will have to talk to these people, especially as I made friends with them before the shooting started. I will honour their right to choose what to do with them being the landowners, but I will also be honest about how Im worried and how its making me feel. At least then Ive expressed myself. There is a chance that Im getting all worked up about nothing! Im reading hat Ive written and I can see how Im getting caught up in the external world here. Im also meditating twice a day and feeling my pain, and going deep with it-trying to feel it and express it. Not sure if there's some kind of funny karma thing going on here too. Not sure where to start with that if so. I don't know if Ive experienced any hardcore past life karma yet. Maybe this is it? Anyways I'll just keep doing what Im doing, and I appreciate being able to share on here. 

Megha-sending love to you in India. I hope your coping OK through it all. Im in deep admiration for your ability to be able to stay lovingly connected with your neighbours-I will definitely try and follow your inspiring lead. 

Open-your teachings continue to be an inspiration. Ive been off the Openhand radar for a while. Its funny-as soon as things get hard this is my first port of call! Your simple but effective message really does work wonders -especially when times get tough.