Hi Rich,


Thanks for your thoughts. I have been investigating those feelings! Its funny because this week the activities in the physical world got even worse-I saw evidence of badger baiting on Tuesday, then on Wednesday the fox hunt turned up  and out of my bedroom window I watched about 30 hounds tear a Hare to pieces in the field next to me. Ive felt traumatised ever since, and home doesn't feel like home anymore.

Im afraid I got all caught up in the 3D world in the ensuing days. Ive been writing to my MP, and on the local facebook group to try and raise awareness that this is happening. Most people feel like I do, but of course there are some very nasty bad eggs directing their poison at me. The police have done absolutely nothing, and haven't even called me baxck despite this being illegal. So this week I experienced my local ecosystem getting consistently attacked and violated, and also experienced what its like to stick my neck out for something and experience the negative backlash which isn't pleasant.

It feels like something is going on in the ether-i don't think its an accident that in less than 2 weeks my world has gone from being happy settled and calm to being turned upside down! So I guess now its my job to dig deep and feel the feelings and express and release. Maybe this is a wake up call to a period of change. Thanks for the opportunity to share on here.

Faye X