Hi Open,


I was so soul-stirred by this article, I started to compose a response right after I read it, several days ago. However, the creative process took over completely and I couldn't stop writing until it all finally landed in this poem. So here is what your writing inspired...





I do not want that which isn’t Mine


I do not want that which doesn’t already belong to me


I do not want that which isn’t rightfully given by the hand of the Bestower


Give me not the false promise -

that which professes the light of the Sun
but deserts you with nothing but another empty layer of dried up skin 


Give me not the sufficient substitute -

that which digs a grave for the Spark
and leaves a trail of soiled dreams
buried in the bitter aftertaste of tamed resentment 


Give me not that which masquerades as a choice
but stripped of its disguise reveals a trap of endless what-ifs and silent regrets


I’ll not have that which is taken, stolen, borrowed, or won


I’ll not have that which demands to be returned, repaid, rewarded or revenged


I’ll not see my own ascent 

through the shadow of Another’s fall


The tables are in motion and I Turn with them


I Turn my eyes towards the window 

The window of my own house 

I open it and let the night breeze gently stroke my cheek

Moonlit faces are shining their grace upon me


I Turn my mind towards my Mother,
my Father, my Sister, my Brother and my Children
The voices in the sky that tirelessly repeat


Don’t give up, You are the bravest one among us


One voice stands out above all others. I close my eyes and follow it out into the darkness...


I Turn my heart to the One who meets me

The One who holds All that I am inside All that He is

The One whose ocean crashes unreservedly into Mine


I lean my head against His Love 

until every fort I ever built inside me crumbles
into His accepting lap


I lean my tears against His hands

until every drop of shame dissolves
into His receiving cup


I lean my ear against His lips

until all the noise my struggle makes gives in and merges
into the sound of His tender timeless whisper...


I see You...

I see ALL of You...


I feel no failure 

I have no doubt 

I see no fault



Rise, my Love, and Turn around



See Yourself through my eyes...