Hi Anastasia - what an epic story indeed! Thanks so much for sharing it with people here in the community Thumbs Up SignPraying Emoji

I think it describes tremendously well the kinds of things people experience as they approach the death of the ego, the death of the identity.

This stood out for me at the end...

In conclusion, it occurrs to me now,  that I’m not really scared I won’t be able to provide my children with all those ‘fine’ things. I’m more scared I won’t be able to unlock that part of me that needs to be unleashed in order for me to be completely comfortable with the path I have chosen. But as the noise of my Shadow now slowly softens, I begin to rest in the fact that I trust my kids didn’t choose Me for all the 3D benefits I could bestow, but rather for the example I may prove to BE as I diligently work to unshackle the soulful VOICE of a SOARING SPIRIT.

Keep going, keep going, keep going! As you soften the shadow further till its demise, the real you, with gifts you never dreamed possible, will emerge like the resplendent dragonfly. But as you learn to fly, do expect it to feel very different. Your wings will be there, but you have to keep feeling for them and above all, trusting that they will carry you. The rest will happen all by itself.

And neither will it be the end of challenging times. But as long as you understand and work with the progressive process of unfolding, emergence and expression, you'll come quickly through once more. Each time you'll integrate more, trust will grow, and life becomes very magical indeed. You'll also find that as sophistication of being settles, you'll be able to bridge into the old 3D world too.

Every reason to keep going!