Hi Megha,

Such kind words. I feel them. Thank you so much.

I was deep in the ancestral bloodline drama last spring. It was one of the most interesting inquiries I’ve had. Like solving a mystery. A big part of it was activated through my daughter when she turned 4. The age was the key and as I followed that thread, I found that myself, my mother, and even my grandfather all had traumatic events involving separation at the exact age of 4. How weird is that?

Later in the fall, right after my first Openhand event, I regressed back to a very tragic life where our bloodline was reversed. Meaning my mother was my daughter, and my daughter was my mother. When I saw what transpired in that life, many of our challenges in this life suddenly made sense. I really wish you well with your inquiry. I know you’ve had your share of struggles with your brother and mother. 

I understand you’re coming to Belgium, right? Well then I’m really looking forward to be sitting in a Circle with you once again 😊❤️


Much love to you,