It's a powerful sharing indeed Anasatsia - and brave, considering the vast landscape there is here of judgment and limitation that exists around parent child relationships.

Taking care of a child is no doubt very special. And the relationships that grow can be very heartwarming. You can gain and learn a great deal from them - chidren are great 'gurus'! And all too often here, I witness co-depedency is created, often based on fear, not love - fear of "how it will all turn out", "will they be okay in the world?" Often the parent puts the child at the centre of their world, but really, what's at the centre is fear.

What generally gets missed is that children are often evolved souls already - just in a bodymind that needs to be developed. They are ALREADY master creators at a soul level. They also brought their karma with them to process - and who knows exactly what that karma is, but for them to experience? Which could be (a degree) of abandonment - we ALL must come to the One by ourselves. We all must progressively develop soul sovereignty.

I recall wearing the mantel of 'father' for some time, but finding the expectation that was building around particular circumstances becoming unbearable - it risked making me inauthentic in behaviour (or else unconscious which I couldn't allow to happen). And so I said to my 11 year old something like, "I'm now taking off the mantel of 'father', please see me as Open from now on, and treat me as you find me, without expectation". It catalysed a deep karmic process for him lasting several days that took him into the past life karmic rage of abandonment (by a father figure). A lot got projected my way. But I held the space for it. After which he came through it, and embodied a much deeper sense of soul sovereignty. At the age of 11, he found the father figure inside of himself, which is where it should be! A major accomplishment indeed.

As we come to the One within, you'll likely experience progressive levels of abandonment, with corresponding increase in sovereignty. And that's the dynamic I see in conscious parenting too - a progressive allowance of self-determination, a progressive softening of the boundaries of control, to hand over sovereignty. AND, we must also be prepared to allow them their distortions too. So if they're going to eat junk food and take in too much screen time or even venture into drugs, there comes time where we have to allow their own self-determination - the experience of their own shadow so they can work out of it. Why would they have incarnated in such a challenging place if not to experience this too?

So I commend you Anastasia for the inquiry and being brave to express the apparently unpaletable.

I'd say to all working with conscious parenting: to be conscious means not to control, not to wish for them the path you would wish for youself, not to try to remove challenge and suffering. And not to think that 'conscious' means doing all the 'typical conscious stuff' like food for example. 'Conscious' means an inquiry of what is, witnessing and exploring that, whatever 'that' is. So instead, work to express your own self as authentically as possible - and thereby trust, that at the higher levels of consciousness, you will be doing exactly what's called for in order to support the journey of your children.

Thanks so much for sharing!

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