It was this day, 29th November, when a near fatal car crash back in 2002, precipitated my embodiment here. Wow, what it's like to be emmersed into the inner layers of density! The mind with all its veils, the emotions skewing aligned feeling, the body distancing from divine connection. It's all beautiful of course, it's all perfect and necessary. I welcome being in incarnation, but from day 1, my soul has yearned for the higher connection - to return home as an embodied experience.

It does take a good dose of courage!

And there came the day
When it was too painful to stay in the bud,
Than to blossom!

Anais Nin

Extremely well said - so true!

What I can say with great pleasure, from the recent Openhand World Tour, is that I AM witnessing you more and more stepping out and revealing your profound gifts.

Yes we are unusual. Yes we are unique. And sometimes your vibration will seem strange in this curious place - an earthbound misfit! But it's only ego that plays it small. Humility has it's place, of course. As does boldness, colourful expression and the simple courage to dare to be you.

So let's not stay stuck in the 3D box. You can break through. You can become you. It just takes a good degree of persistance and patience whilst doing it. So let's seize the day!

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