Hi Everyone - great to have you all tune in. Rhino, Elephant and Tiger - tremendous energies! When you imagine the animal that comes to you, what does it remind you of, what does it activate in you? That's the key - to feel it and then embody the energy. It can help greatly on the journey OK Hand Sign

And yes Alex, the numerology is speaking greatly. After 3 days travelling this is a rest/prep day for the work to begin tomorrow. It didn't escape my attention it's the 23/02. What's the significance? Well I was given to call the retreat "Origins" - it popped in from the higher dimensional team. To me, the 23 immediately pops out as relating to the 2nd and 3rd chromosomes being joined on both (2) the paternal and maternal lineages. As I've explained in Divinicus, there's no way this could have happened by chance, because it's actually 4 simultaneous changes to get from an Original Human with 48 chromosomes to 46. In fact it's more than that because on each chromosome there are connectors called 'telemeres' which all had to be configured for the chromosomes to be joined. And why was it done? To create speciaition. If/as genetic modifications to the Original Human configuration were made, then amending the chromosome number would prevent successful interbreeding with the stock, Original, species - hence the hybridisations could not be bred out over time.

So why is this relevant to you now?

Because an explosion of the genetics happened at various periods during the last 250,000 years. Like for example 50,000 years ago when there was what's termed a 'big bang' explosion in changes to the brain. I know for sure that the left and right hemispheres were separated more strongly - isolated. It disconnected the right brain intuitive side from the left brain logic side. It seems to make people less ready and able to accept higher dimensional guidance.

The good news is you can strip out some of the separation through meditation. Which I'll come onto at the end.

What was truly wonderful about driving up here through Africa, as opposed to flying, was to exprience the culture. Of course the people have a very basic way of living, what we term "Third World". And there's a striving to join western 'civilisation' - shacks are 'kindly' painted with Vodocom logos, who're clearly spreading the mobile phone culture far and wide. Yet the tremendous paradox is how relaxed everyone appears to be and living totally in the moment. They'll walk miles and hours each day just for the very basics. Kids will be playing football in the middle of nowhere, and people waiting hours by the side of the road for a lift. Yet there's a great relaxedness to it, surrender and acceptance. I also feel great resilience. If western civilisation collpased tomorrow (and I feel we're quite on the edge these days) they'd carry on regardless.

I feel much more of the Original Human Configuration, the Original DNA here. It's all been changed, yes, but it feels much closer to source here. And I find that tremendously inspiring.

We can be inspired by it.

So today at some point, I'd encourage you all to do the Openhand Bow meditation (if you don't know it, you can see a demo of it here in this film... Transmutation).

When you do it, pay extra special attention to each hemisphere of the brain as you bend to each side - bring full awareness into them separately. But then when you come back to the centre, positively feel the integration of left and right. You may well feel a tingling and a vibration. Go with that. Feel it. Let it integrate. And do the bow several times.

Be aware also, it might well kick off some dreaming tonight when you go to bed. That would be a good thing - no worries, it would help the regression through karma and the realignment.

So I'll leave you with that work to begin with today. Do let me know what you experience.

I look forwards to having you all tune in.

By the way, I'm living in the absolute ideal - an earth building with reed roof. Totally awesome!

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