I’m a bit late in, but felt to add another power animal.

I have to admit these guided visual meditations are oftentimes a challenge for me, because my visions seldom want to completely comply with a predetermined direction. Quite often I have to let go of the instructions and just go where my consciousness wants to take me. For a long time, I’d always feel like I was failing at the given task, but then a voice kept telling me “It’s not failing. It’s following.” - meaning I wasn’t failing at following the instructions, but rather I was listening to my own inner guidance.

This time I made it out onto the Savannah. I felt my bare feet against the ground and I took in the clear blue sky. I saw some trees in the distance and I figured that’s where the water hole might be. I tried to walk there, but it was like one of those dreams where you try to get somewhere but your feet just don’t move. So I had to just give up trying to get there. When I let go, an energetic force swept in underneath me, lifted me up, and took me off the Earth altogether. 

All of a sudden, I found myself sitting in my Soul Mother’s lap somewhere in another dimension. I guess She was the water hole I was looking for. We were also graced by the presence of a Female White Wolf, whom I have been comforted by a few times before, especially at times when I felt abandoned by my mother. 

To me She represents strong leadership in combination with the nurturing qualities of a Mother. The spiritual path is quite relentless and demanding of me right now, and I struggle with feelings of inadequacy as a parent, often feeling like I can’t properly take care of my own children. The White Wolf is a supportive reminder that I CAN be a Spiritual Warrior and a Mother at the same time, even though it feels like an impossible task sometimes...

Reflections always welcome,