Hi everybody , 

I took on the invitation to tune in a bit late as well but it felt truly empowering & inspiring . I first started with the Bow  exercice ( watching carefully how the breath can deeply connect both brains together again ) to initiate a first deep connection to Soul followed with the breakthrough breathing meditation . They complement each other perfectly well. Than , took a pause to scan the whole body /mind and let the energies flow naturally ...and gently started to walk through the natural African landscape . As i was burn in Uganda in the late 60's and often traveled with my parents during the 8 years of that Original beginning of life , it felt pretty easy to picture the Savannah out there . It felt very energizing  !!

As i felt a bit heavy lately to move through some inner blockages  , no wonder why a Big Hippopotamus appeared from under the water while i was approaching the water pond surrounded with trees . Wow !! never had this animal totem coming into my inner landscape before  . One week ago , the Cheetah appeared once again inviting to develop more Patience , persistence and spending more time in the outer & release pend up energies . And so i devoted way more time in gardening ( preparing a big garden for spring time ) . Yesterday , while gardening the Robin came to great me gently as he always does , this time just one meter away . He symbolises clearly : " Sing your song out into the wider world & be Bold enough to dare being more of your True Self " .

Anyway , what stood out clearly from the investigation into the Hippopotamus symbology & main characteristics are the following :

* Standing up for One's Soul Path vision with strength & coherence * 

* As they spend lots of time into the water : invitation to be full on with creative ideas ( Fertility symbol for many African countries ) and also staying grounded as much as possible ( they also spend time on land when necessary ) + The Capacity to swim through the watery realm of emotions with more vulnerable openness * 

* Their Big mouth & Jaws might well represent : Strong ideas to be spoken out & shared with the wider world + opening to more authentic Expression * 

* Their Big bodies ( up to 4 Tons in weight !!) might suggest stronger grounding of any Inspired new way of living , ideas , projects , vision  . Indeed , i was feeling a certain lack of stronger grounding as i am entering a totally New life cycle *

* They also seem to be helpful in : Innovation & new techniques , Curing ability ( Deeper self healing capacity & transformational skills ) ,  connection to the emotional & spiritual worlds , ability to stay calm in difficult periods , connection to the very old realm of" Origins "-  maybe a bridge to the Origins of Homo Sapiens and its convoluted patterns or to the Original Homonoid that came into incarnation well before Homo Sapiens - to be explored more deeply within the next few days ... * 

* They also help to connect with the refreshing innovative energies of a second Life cycle & Build new personnal Self integrity & strength moving forward . 

I will probably be practicing at least one more Bow breathing exercice ( One of my all time Favorite Kriya exercise ) & tune in again later through the day . 

Thank you Open for these " Through the Ether " deep explorations together , it sure helps us all with our Soul evolutive  inquiries & inspires us to continuously dig deeper . Much love to everyone tuning in . 

Jean  Bluehopi