Hey Hey!

I saw a Golden Lioness. Together we walked upon the sandy tundra and came to a tree where someone was screaming focus at me, I wanted to be more rooted into the earth. I tried to just go into the tree and then free my spirit through the roots but for some reason I could'nt do it so I just watched and tried to listen.

Then I looked and saw people dancing around a fire and normally I don't participate when I see things such as this, I have a loner tendency, but the rising of my spirit felt so free at seeing this dancing and soon I joined in. The dance ended with me shouting KA...Alot.

The Lioness and I walked again towards a chasm and the moment I saw it is the moment I stopped and said no. I had a dream a long long long time ago about this, about seeing it being ripped apart. The anger, despair and frustration of earth and its people. This is what I need to focus on, this is where my attention needs to go. I think even there is a cave deeper inside this chasm and something inside will bring light to a black hole inside of me. This will be no easy thing for me though because there is so much I feel about it and it seems no amount of softening into it releases this huge storm of emotions inside.

This that you say here Open about the right brain and left brain makes so much sense to me now. I can and have actually felt that separation and all I can say now is thank you for the meditation.

The Lioness says to me to participate, but maintain myself. Keep rooted but free. Be for earth and everything else, stand my ground yet remain my humble human self.