I am so delighted to see you in South Africa.  The culture, people, country and wildlife are incredible features that are to be found nowhere else. It is also my spiritual 2nd home...Saudi Araboa being my first and where I found I had spent untold numbers of incarnations within the Bedouin tribes.  But it is well known that the actual cradle of the human race  began in Africa and some of the earliest known are within the southern tribal territories of the continent. I was in s monthlong fast and retreat in Botswana during December 2012 and experienced change over of the dimensional frequencies that ushered in the prophesied "Ascension'". I know now that is the reason I was led to   Botswana ..specifically for that purpose .  You are sojourning through a  both magical and mystical land.  The ancestors,  both human and animal, are pleased to to have you there, and are hosting you well, as are the current manifestations of both

Namaste beloved brother