Hi all! Loving these invitations to dive in with you all. 

The meditation seemed to open to a number of animals though none actually felt for me... there was an elephant, a cheetah, a tiger, a lizard, and a meerkat 😊. That night, after the meditation, I dreamt I was walking in the dark and came across two female deers and could feel there was another energy there that brought up some anxiety... out of the dark came a huge dark colored stag with very large antlers... at first, I felt afraid that he would trample me and instead he approached me and kissed me.   Normally deer give me the feeling of alertness and gentleness, but this large dark male deer brought something else like virility, something like pride and presence... also something otherworldly and transporting about him. Very curious about it. Having some interesting reflections as I am in the woods for the weekend. Thrilled to tune in with you all!