Wow - such colourful sharings. Thanks for joinging us Sandra, Wynde & Jen Heart

Clearly your sharings reflect the richness of the land, the history, the culture and the vibration here which is pretty spectacular - it's wonderful that it's inspiring so much. It's bringing to the surface all manner of feelings, about our convoluted past, the challenges of the present and where we're coming too. I can feel this is going to be a deeply transformational week.

I have a feeling I introduced the left brain/right brain meditation a little too early - apologies if so! It can be pretty full-on when you get into it. So I'll bring it up again later in the week. Also there's plenty of newcomers here on the retreat, so I'll have to take it steady from the beginning. Don't want to phase anyone out!

Today is the first of the formal retreat. We'll be gathering in a couple of hours with people from Europe (Marije & Hannah) and then the rest are either local from Mozambique or others who've travelled from across Africa. I'm pleased to say all races! It will be intriguing to see how they take to the work. Can we find a common Divinicus amongst our varied journies here? I'm sure we can!

So today, to connect with the group here, I'll be beginning with the Breakthrough Breathing and an inquiry as to the nature of the self - we'll likely use the bow, but this time to feel the contrast between True Self and False Identity. So it works like this...

Begin with the Breakthrough Breathing. Then contemplate your journey at this time. What's coming up for you? What's animating? What are the patterns and bockages, which can be felt as tightness? Think about them, visualise them. And then when you have it clear in your mind, feel deep into them. Where do you locate the tighness? Feel it, notice it, experience it.

Now undertake the bow (see the Transmutation Video), feeling into the density and becoming as-one with it by becoming totally intimate with it. When you finally sit up, feel yourself expanding through the density - feel the lightness of your core self breaking through. After a few minutes of feeling this, explore the difference between lightness of the True Core Self and the Identity tightness. Get to know the difference.

Afterwards, some while later, write down what's animating your journey right now. And look at how the density you feel in the meditation might be having an influence on that.

Do please share what you experience here, and when I tune in again, I'll happily offer some reflections

Much love to all - this feels very magical!

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